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August 25th 2014 Comic Art Class: Taught by Damon Guthrie of SameTeam.Us at  sticky logo in Berkeley, CA 94702

Currently Full with 14 enrolled…if you would like to schedule a class keep readin’…

The Basic Art of Comic Illustration:

Sketch your own characters and put them in a comic world while learning vital techniques and secrets of comic art.  We will use pencil, pen and watercolor in this class utilizing professional instruments of the industry.  Each child leaves with a heightened sense of their own comic-artistic ability.  Topics covered: Comic Illustration Structures,  : character development, drawings techniques, storyboarding s, a comic-art booklet created by Damon for future discipline and guidance and a SameTeam.Us greeting card! Let’s Draw!

Duration: 2 hours (can be altered to suit your needs)

To arrange a class on the Basics of Comic Art, Taught by Damon Guthrie of SameTeam.Us CONTACT Damon at 510.815.0691 and/or Damo@SameTeam.Us

Supplies for All Classes are provided at no extra charge

Fair-Trade Monetary Reference (FTMR):

Private Instruction:  $40/hour

2 students: is $40 hour ($20/student)

3:1 is $45 hour ($15/student)

4:1 is $60/ hour ($15/student)

5:1 is $50 / hour ($10/student)

6-25 students is $10/student


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