SameTeam is dedicated to creating original images using many mediums, designed to both reflect, and help positively change, the world in which we stand.

SameTeam works diligently to produce final products that are cherished by the client.

As the process of creating custom images can be daunting; artist, Damon Guthrie approaches each commission from a professional viewpoint, utilizing decades of artistic experience to bring your ideas to fruition and even beyond your expectations.

Damon has been working with clients, creating original illustrations, paintings, comics etc.  He officially began SameTeam.Us in 2006, registering a business license in the city of Berkeley, California.

Damon C. Guthrie (1980-    )

Founder, Chief Executive Director,  Director of Marketing, Public Relations Manager, Chief Accountant, Website Manager, Artist Extraudinair!


Teresa O. Guthrie

Art Director, Public Relations Assistant

Izz A. Belle

Daily Companion to The Guthrie’s

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